Saturday, 25 February 2012

birds and fruits.

Following the print theme currently unfolding at venturess, let's talk about Charlotte Taylor, who, for her AW12 collection 'Jamaica Inn' presented - as for her previous four seasons - brightly coloured, quirky repeat prints. Previous collections have featured penguins, lobsters, fish, trees and, err, robots, but this season we're treated to all kinds of birds (Note the black maxi with the multicoloured splotches. Those would be parrots.) and...some sort of fruit that I can't identify 'cos I can't zoom in any further. Grapes? Raspberries?

Now, we already know that I like anything bird related, but the black birds on the yellow background look a little like leopard print at a squint/in a thumbnail (no?) so they're EVEN BETTER than first imagined.

Scarf prints also feature in the collection, which encompasses the kind of cuts I can always get behind - fitted dresses in midi- and maxi- lengths, slim, cropped trousers, button up blouses and full skirts with fitted waists. Wonderful.

And a real owl in the lookbook pics!

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