Sunday, 22 January 2012



Here ends the stream of images (ahem) from Wednesday night - the Reality Studio AW12/13 preview show during Berlin Fashion Week.
One image, of the Turkish band rehearsing in an empty Voo store (great shop on Oranienstra├če in Kreuzberg, just FYI) before we let anyone in.
Cos I was on bar duty and the crowd was between me and the models. Basically I missed half the show, and once I realised it had started I was too busy/far away to take pics anyway.

Luckily for you guys, Stil in Berlin and DERZEIT (courtesy of Hintmag) weren't too busy handing out free beers and stopping olives from rolling everywhere to take photos.

If I see more reviews etc I'll stick the links here...

Les Mads (auf Deutsch - note the oversized print/white blouse. EVERYONE wants one.)

...and hopefully I'll have photos from the lookbook which we'll be shooting in a couple of weeks (backstage exclusives or the finished product, yknow, something.)

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