Sunday, 8 January 2012

i'm alive.

I've just been lazy/haven't had much to write about/went home for Christmas/came back to Berlin for New Year/been busy again (the Reality Studio show is 10 days away), are some pictures?

drunk hugs in Jukebox, back in Newcastle//
Bronze hippos (at Berlin Zoo) make excellent props//
Lions like meat//
Champagne all over the road at Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz after it went out of the window//
Attempted evidence of amazing fireworks. Fireworks don't photograph well.//

Course, you can't see the Cyndi-Lauper-esque cut of my hair in any of these pics, but it is chin length on one side and almost shoulder length on the other. And now with no obvious roots. I waited 'til I got home to re-dye my hair, knowing that I'd been sent this, the Tie Towel, to try out. It's the first time I've ever been sent something to try out, but since I've now been dyeing my hair continuously for nearly 5 years, I figured that being offered a special towel that wouldn't be patchy and horrible after a few months and would stay on my shoulders and avoid red splotches finding their way onto my clothes would be a welcome addition to my possessions.

Err, it's good? I don't know if I would have noticed it/considered buying it in a shop cos I'm loathe to buy things I don't think I need ("Pah, my old patchy towel and a hair clip will suffice! Oh, it keeps falling off."), but it's certainly a handy tool, especially if you're a serial dye-r. I don't know how necessary it is to have a towel that doesn't stain if you just dye yourself at home, but the tie mechanism/the ability to keep something around your shoulders are a help.

Probs should have done a quick review before Christmas as it would make a great stocking filler (I believe it's a tenner, avail at Boots/Superdrug/Asda)


Mam said...

And also Louise from Big Brother 2011 is the model on the packaging, lol.
Fab photos, I espesh like the first one :)

Rebecca said...

I love the colour of your hair! I always wreck towels when I dye my hair, my mum's never pleased...