Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I've worn this 'dress' before but rarely do I wear it full length. Usually pinned up somehow and drape-y.

I have been wearing it for bed every night since I took these photos. I keep getting too hot though. Remember kids: 70s-tastic polyester makes you sweat, even when you're sleeping.

vintage 70s slip as dress//2nd hand boots+coat+fur//zara cardi//topshop belt+bodysuit (underneath)//h&m necklace

And I don't know why I can't look at the camera.

I didn't even wear the fur outside, I changed into the scarf from the last outfit post. I did get asked if I was cold on Sunday, wearing this (went for a mid afternoon brunch - I know, the very idea is contradictory - and coffee which turned into a beer in an interesting bar before I ran out of money), but it was an almost-summery 7 degrees so, no, I was not.

The cardi I bought with my birthday money, I suppose - it was a mere 15 euros in t'sale at Zara, and the only thing I bought despite trekking my way around two huge Humana stores and H&M as well. Must be getting more picky in my old age.

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