Saturday, 12 November 2011


I know. It's been nearly a month.
Not only that, I've had something to post for weeks; I am merely very lazy. Soz blog.

It was literally weeks ago (three, actually. Err. I think) that I worked all weekend at a warehouse sample sale situation - Premium - with a lot of other stores and brands. One that caught my eye (but I couldn't afford, even at sample sale prices. Not because they were particularly expensive, but because I am particularly skint.) was hosiery and jewellery brand kvast.

Their schtick is kitsch printed socks of varying length and vegetable jewellery. You heard me. Those are broccolis and cabbages rendered in silver and gold, respectively. Vidi:

All pics from kvast's site.

Their e-shop is here and they ship worldwide, which is always nice to hear.

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