Tuesday, 20 September 2011


You know when you think "Boy, I'm really into my outfit today", and then you finally find a good spot in your room to take pics, and then your camera runs out of battery before you manage to take a good one?

A half decent one will suffice.

2nd hand dress+boots//primark cardi//H&M jacket+necklace//topshop belt, which you can't even see//olllld diy scarf

I was feeling it all day, despite this dress starting to fall apart, but it doesn't look as good in photos. Le sigh.

It's still totally not scarf weather here yet - my desktop widget says sunny and high teens/early twenties as far as the eye can see (so, until Sunday, at least) - but it often looks like there might be a chill in the air when I set off for work of an A.M.

Please be scarf weather soon.
I love scarves.

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CR said...

tht sound like somthing that would totally happen to me! hahahha lol
Really like your chelsea boots, can´t find anywhere a good pair that it´sworth buying :¨(