Saturday, 17 September 2011

amazing spaces.

Got the chance to see a free gig last night (and again tonight - The Blood Arm/Art Brut/dEUS* yesterday and Kasabian...and some other bands I don't remember or care for...tonight).
The venue, Trafo, was too amazing not to share.

The last one is The Blood Arm doing a song.

Always a fan of useless facts, I greatly appreciated a guy I met sharing that this place used to be some sort of rubbish-burning factory. It's all spacious and concrete and warehouse-y and, I think, also a club; but the stage area was this little platform upstairs with 3 stages on 3 of the sides with one band to a stage (genius) - I was stood to the Art Brut side.

I already have a wall of gig tickets for the near future (Friendly Fires (next week) and The Horrors (Nov 13th) at the Lido; Patrick Wolf (Nov 14th) at the Astra... the Horrors/Patrick combo makes for an excellent birthday present to myself, on the 15th...)

I look forward to many more events/clubs/cafes/whatever being hidden inside amazing venues. Trafo looks like any old warehouse situation from the outside.

*I cared not for dEUS either. Hadn't heard any of their songs before last night...

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