Tuesday, 26 July 2011

model's own.

Not a post about nail polish.

I know, shocking.
Rather, me wearing collection clothes in real life - not for the first time, but I forgot to document the wearing of the printed bodice/chiffon skirt mini dress situation when I wore it out last week.

vintage dress+belt//h&m boots//hoodie off of placement//'things that fly' jacket

The funny thing about wearing waxed jackets in Durham* is that they - Barbour jackets, anyway - are everywhere. Not this one though.
It's the piece I most wanted back from my collection, and IT'S ALL MINE, MWAHAHAHA.


*or, more accurately, in my village, where I saw three Barbour jackets in 5 minutes on my way to the bus stop. It is not a big village.

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Flower Bobbles said...

I love your outfit; its really moody and awesome.
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