Monday, 13 June 2011

GFW: Northumbria 1.2

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Roll on part 2, in which everyone has photos!

Laura Cavagan did loose, wraparound printed jersey pieces (some of the tees came with instructions; true story) which went unisex for the London show...

Maria Choumanidis' bright knitwear was well received, earning her a nom for knitwear (though she missed out; shame). such a fun collection (look at the mittens!); and another that benefitted greatly from better styling at London - never underestimate styling!

Lauren Wroe did 50s inspired pieces, with no wastage - all her patterns were cut from a rectangle of fabric (faced with another in all cases, i think?) and folded and sewn into the shapes. lauren's is a collection that lots of people would want to wear, i think, but knowing the concept and how complicated each piece is really makes it even more interesting.

Katrina Wade's tailored, Bowie-inspired menswear was one of my favourites - lots of laser cutting, some fantastic knitwear, man bags, leather trousers and a tailored jumpsuit. the pics speak for themselves, non? had to include the lineup, just for the jumpsuit-wearing-model's pose.

Piyanut Tosawad's collection made me grin - one of the most fun, most feminine that we showed, certainly. very Topshop Unique in style/market (i think some of her sunglasses are indeed from there!) and really different to anything else I really saw last week...

Molly Ratcliff (Mulberry Accessories Award winner! wooooo!) was inspired by 14th century armour, if i remember the brochure correctly, and had cut outs and sticky-out hips galore. the two pairs of trousers are my favourite in Molly's collection; the silhouettes are gorgeous and they look really comfy!

Eppie Conrad is all about robots (I should know, she's been sat next to me for the last 6 months) and her prints are amazing - the jumpsuit in the 3rd look is my favourite (her 7th look; new for London) as the cogs and springs all match up to body parts; but I love the reflective sections too - the grid part at the bottom of the first poncho, especially, which looks fantastic on my photos from Newcastle when it's all reflective... booo that you can't see it in these pics! you can't see all of the snazzy accessories here, but Eppie did a clutch bag, an ipad case, necklaces and a handful of iphone/ipod cases too!

this batch of collections had a pretty great soundtrack - Lauren's, Molly's and Piyanut's were great, but I don't know what they were (!), but Laura's, Maria's, Katrina's and Eppie's are below:

if you want to contact anyone from Northumbria (including me, but my
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