Saturday, 25 June 2011

a brogue idea

RE: yesterday's post, I'm into flat shoes too. Maybe I'm migrating from feet to head? Not that interested in heels right now. All flats considers, but nothing too flimsy. And, actually, preferably something with a heel, but a tiny heel. A brogue heel, yknow? You'll see.

I bought these (Topshop sale, £10) the other day - they really need to be worn in but they're rather lovely and go with everything. I need my flats to be interesting, a shoe needs something if it hasn't got a heel.

Anyway, to fuel my need for flats, I set off round the internet. Maybe these
'monk brogues' from New Look [a mere £15 in the sale, and no, I've no idea what's 'monk' about them]?

Or these
two-tone numbers from River Island? [£29.99]

Not exactly brogues, but
ASOS have these less-than-ankle boot things for £28

BUT THESE - again, not brogues - from
ebay (where else), which i missed out on by 50p and few minutes some days ago. Dream shoes.
They're orig from Office, so, yknow, if anyones got a pair of 5s (even 6s, whatever) kicking about, err, gimme gimme gimme.

Waaaaaahhhhhhhh. Suggest me some more?

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