Friday, 24 June 2011


I'm pretty into hats right now, I think brought on by the hats I did for collection. Our tutors went a little headwear mental in the run up to the London show; encouraging most of the class to do some sort of head adornment. That, and the assortment of strange and/or adorable headpieces dotted about the other unis' shows... I was even watching a bunch of vintage numbers on ebay until i remembered i had no money.

Meanwhile, a new(ish) site of interest is asos marketplace, which is asos' foray into etsy-style sellers' shops. Great for little boutiques and new designers - the problem with etsy is that it's an American site, so everything's in dollars and not (I find) that non-US friendly, where asos is both British and has
a lot of traffic - but not really helping the over saturation of vintage stores on the internet..

I hadn't checked out until recently when someone linked me (via Twitter) to
Lizzie Lock's store there. In keeping with the first paragraph of this post, Lizzie's store, Lizzie Lock Millinery, sells (as the name might suggest) hats a-plenty, most with a vintage twist. You can find straw numbers and pins, trilbys and bowlers, wide brimmed and cloche style, and none of them are helping with my new hat fascination.

I've tried to search through asos marketplace, but it's hard to know which shops are going to be good (lots and lots of vintage stores!) and I got a bit bored easily. Any recommendations?

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