Wednesday, 15 September 2010


two nail posts in a row! 3 days of silence! etc
so, contrary to popular assumption, this isn't a post about heels.
though it should be, if the postman hurried himself along (it's twenty to twelve! where are you! i am expecting both pairs of THE BOOTS and a much needed ink cartridge! gosh!)


i mentioned last post that i got a great nail art idea, and though i assume this has been done a hundred times (and probably better), i haven't seen it blogged yet. which is exciting. look see:

a tribute to NYC; a homage to NYFW? no no, a questionable few smudges on my fingernails, that is all.

models own base/topcoat//models own in the navy//17 nightshade//barry m lemon

you need to start with the navy - after the basecoat, obvs - and make sure theres very little polish on the brush so it doesn't go on too dark, else the black won't stand out against it.
it comes out a tad streaky but that adds to the sky effect, right?
i did 3 coats of black which gave it a thick and blocky texture; very building-y. and then dotted and streaked yellow (again, as little as possibile on the brush so as to avoid clumps), and neated them up with a black fineliner while still tacky - fineliner tends to not stay on polish, so really this was just pushing the yellow back into the black to neaten it. finish with too coats of topcoat to hold it and give it shine.

they look better with the camera flash than in real life (unless you get right up close) because the blue/black contrast is better, but for a first attempt from someone with no 'professional' nail art tools i'm pretty impressed with myself....

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Emma Jade said...

ooh that looks so cool!