Thursday, 30 September 2010

jil sander s/s11

a strange turn of events, now - a collection by jil sander, a design house renowned for all things minimalist, that i was really drawn to...

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on the surface, it seems a little basic and even plain, but the proportions - of the skirts, in particular - paired with the bright colours, stripes and washed out florals create great 'throw on' pieces; pieces that would slot right in to your wardrobe and could be grabbed when in a rush, but which would also form a put-together look with minimum effort.

i think the volume of the green or floral skirts are my favourite element, but the mix of the opaque/sheer vertical striped vest with the pink/white horizontal striped skirt was the look that hooked me and made me take another look through.

fyi, i already have A LOT to write about the paris shows, which i normally feign interest in, but so far this year is really the capturing my imagination. Pugh, Rochas, Limi Feu, Carven, Rue Du Mail? all on the list.

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