Wednesday, 1 September 2010

doodle II.

this autumn; one wishes to dress like this:

cropped biker jacket.
ankle length print dress.
doctor's bag with overbody strap.
chunky black boots. we will refer to these as goth boots for the sake of argument.

it's a well publicised (by me...) fact that my must have item this winter is not the coveted-by-everyone shearling coat (though there is a Rick Owens number that i would kill for. surprise surprise. damn you Rick.), but rather, a pair of tan chelsea boots*.
and a cropped biker jacket.
and some goth boots, again a wish that has been well publicised.**

luckily the doctor's bag and ankle length (leopard!!!) print dress are already in my possession. THANKS EBAY!


*with a small stack heel and black elastic panel; accept no imitators.
**at the time of writing that post, i wanted the 3rd pair mostly. now i want the first ones. LE SIGH.

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