Monday, 23 August 2010


yeah, yeah, another editorial. what?

Cato van Ee by Dancian for Marie Claire Italia August 2010

off of fashion gone rogue, of course.

man, fashion magazines are really trying to make knitted shorts happen, huh? i don't think it's gonna take off, sorry. (do you disagree?)

it's kind of got that retro, mad men feel that loads of editorials have really been hammering lately, but they've taken that feel and brought it right into 2010. it's modern, but it's got these retro undertones, which is kinda what A/W10 is all about, yeah? and i love the proportions and silhouettes in this one. AND all the coats, and generally thick, woolly stuff. given what it looks like out of the window today, warm, woolly layers are totally approps.

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