Tuesday, 24 August 2010


adventures in charity shopping. amazingly not from RSPCA Byker (rather, Salvation Army Byker. oh Byker, how I love thee.)

thrifted jumper+shirtdress+belt+necklace//tk maxx shoes//H&M necklace+ring//
primark ring//bored expression//hole in toe of tights

silky shirt dress and great rusty-red jumper = great finds. ALSO i found a sheer cardi effort (clearly a slinky dressing gown); which i'm currently wearing. i've been looking at getting in some great jumpers for winter, necessary as they are.

y'know what are great?
to-do lists.
i've got so much done the last few days just by writing stuff on a list. crossing things off is majorly therapeutic. everything feels like a massive achievement; even 'do nails'.

in other news, i'm sad that the new klaxons album isn't all as good as echoes; and i am VERY HAPPY that the new interpol album leaked. ♥
i need to play it more, but i'm still playing the suburbs on repeat. damn you arcade fire.

thus concludes my inane ramblings.

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