Tuesday, 10 August 2010

the suburbs.

i am back from London.

and this is a music post.
YES, I KNOW, i disappear for a week (no wireless but for the phone.
but venturess' loss is twitter's gain, as proven by a lil' jump in twitter followers there. hi, if you're reading...) and come back with what is, essentially, a lazy post - no need for posing, uploading photos or anything like that, just a quick youtube search.

it is relevant.
firstly, because the poster for this album is everywhere around the tubes, and secondly because i have had it on repeat for the past week and a bit. literally played it 5 or 6 times in one day. beginning to end.

so yes:
arcade fire's 3rd album, the suburbs.
acquire it, post haste (but in the meantime, someone conveniently uploaded all the songs to youtube so here is a smattering which you should also listen to on repeat until you require said album. GOGOGO.)

Rococo (my current favourite)

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)//The Suburbs

We Used To Wait//Empty Room

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