Friday, 13 August 2010


my camera has been playing up (seems to be fixed now), and i have a huge bruise forming on my shin from falling over in powerhouse like the classy broad i am. here is an outfit.

vintage jacket+necklace+ring//vintage skirt from episode//
select shoes//thrifted shirt//H&M tights+tee

accessorised with greasy hair and a new bra. evidently my boobs fail to recognise that i don't have money for new bras as they keep on growing. sigh.
expect a post sometime in the future lamenting being gifted in such areas.

so yeah, the necklace, ring and skirt are all london purchases. i didn't know i wanted another leather skirt, but slouchy, buttery soft, knee length, olive green skirts with pockets which come with an awesome belt (not pictured...) are obviously necessary purchases. the belt doesn't sit right on the skirt so i probably won't ever wear them together (said skirt is a bit big; in the 'i think it should sit higher than it does but i like where it sits anyway' sense).

the necklace (belt. but i would probably never wear it as such.) was a mere £2 at some 'vintage by-the-kilo' place on Brick Lane at which i bought nothing by-the-kilo but did buy some pre-priced items (this and a bag...), and the ring was a snap Portobello Market purchase.

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