Thursday, 19 August 2010

elle II.

questionably scanned editorial! i loved the styling here, and hoped FGR had posted it so it would be in good quality, but it wasn't there. sadface.
so i scanned it in in the middle of scanning pictures of french new wave films for my sketchbook (not the things that fly one. clearly french new wave films don't fly).

haider ackermann! (8th picture down....♥)

then there's this page with its great colour combos (khaki; navy; bright yellow//grey; bright pink; berry)

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Sarah said...

I love the way the hair is styled, as well as the layering and the colour combos.

Incidentally, I also love Interpol, food and adventuring and have every episode of Seinfeld on DVD *ooh spooky and so on*. Nice blog!