Saturday, 21 August 2010


woah, woah, woah. cue slap bass.

sorry, is that the pic from my sidebar?? i think it is.
this past week has seen some Benes-loving in the fashion world, at least in the above clipping (i want to say it's from the new york times? shrug.) and up on my twitter feed. i can only approve wholeheartedly. if my hair was long enough for a huge front fringe quiff bouffant... thing accompanied by some serious frizz, then it would be happening.

i like to think i'm ahead of the curve, or that i secretly have a mental connection with downtown NYC, but it's likely that the reality is either this is a shortlived/microtrend, or it will totally not catch on. (SADFACE.)

that said, the length is really something that's big right now (or at least, maxis are still in for a/w and will probably keep going till next summer, but a move on to a calf or ankle length would make sense), and collars - especially the high necked/buttoned up variety - are something i'm seeing about the blogs these days. whether it's the Elaine effect or not (which I doubt given how many people around my age have actually seen Seinfeld. boo at being in a minority.), this is a relatable trend and seems totally approps right now.


err, wait, does that mean i'm actually appropriately dressed for something? this can only mean that the rapture is upon us.

...brb, bidding on calf length dresses with long sleeves and collars on ebay.

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