Wednesday, 18 August 2010

different blues.

two days of outfits; one trusty denim shirt.

second hand shirt+dress//dorothy perkins boots//topshop tights//belt bought in australia//vintage+H&M rings

everything thrifted, if you count ebay (boots+jacket) and stolen off housemate (scarf/cravat....thing) as thrifted.

so not a fan of denim skirts, but a big fan of the 'shirt as skirt' trend that's sweeping through bloggers as of now. buttoned up so it's asymmetric (♥) too. OH and with navy nail polish - the perfect shade, which has a fancier name than 'navy' but is Models' Own.

scarves as cravats. yesyes.

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daisy kate said...

I haven't seen shirts used as skirts yet, it works well! I love your tights, and thank you for commenting my blog :)

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