Friday, 27 August 2010

the benes effect.

in relation to a previous post, i give you a new acquisition.
i call it 'the elaine dress'.

dress+jacket from ebay//shoes from select//moody face

as is common knowledge, selling half your wardrobe on ebay* inevitably leads to perusing the vintage section, which inevitably leads to bidding on this and a(nother) leopard print dress.
but who could say no to a vintage, calf length, silk, blue, polka dotted laura ashley dress which is a couple of sizes too big and therefore the perfect amount of slouchy?

though, it is actually ankle length. and i hoiked it up over the belt. hoiked is a word, shutup.

also, here is that sheer cardi thing i was blabbering on about the other day. ahhh rspca.

amazingly that H&M skirt continues to reside in my wardrobe, through all the clear-outs. well done, old chum.

*there is a link, under shop venturess on the side bar. do it. i have over 50 things to sell, including a pair of amazing Bally loafers. yesyes.

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Mam said...

That stripey skirt/sheer shirt/jacket combo looks awesome!