Wednesday, 14 July 2010


ana took my damn camera home in her bag (by accident) so i have to wait til tomorrow to get it back. hmph.
here are some shoddy photobooth shots instead.

shakuhachi* dress//uniqlo cardi//henry holland tights

so this dress i got in the urban outfitters sale came. it was £170 down to £80, and i was tempted. and then it went down to £40, and swiftly into my basket. i would never have bought it at full price, but there you go.


...barry m nails (a closer inspection). must note, everyone bangs on about how good barry m polishes are, but this one took 3 coats to get an even, bright colour and is a bit runny, AND chipped after a couple of days. not largely impressed. but they did have lots of colours, and maybe it's the nature of the colour i chose (got a bright orange one too but haven't tried it yet)

* shakuhachi is a medium-high end label which is pretty cute - a little too cutesy in places but some nice jersey pieces.... you can see/buy pieces at urban outfitters and at asos, but my dress is sold out now.


Hana. said...

Did you put base coat on under your nail varnish?
I have Barry M's Spring Green and I ran out of base coat, and decided to just whack it straight onto my nails...and they went yellow, I looked like I'd been smoking since birth :(
I know it's not just Barry M nail polish that'd do that, but it's dead annoying.
I would bleach it off, but I'm frightened of ruining my nails even more lol x

jenn. said...

this i did not. i am somewhat new to the nail obsession, but am very into it, but not so much that i've into basecoats yet. shall invest, any you particularly recommend?

frances said...

this dress is wonderful!

Siobhan said...

Cool dress, and £130 saving is amazing!

Know what you mean about Barry M - it takes rather a lot of the stuff to get the colour nice and sharp but the range is good.

The worst nail polish I've used is Boots 17 fast finish. I could do about 5 coats and the colour still wouldn't be opaque...

Hana. said...

I have no recommendations for base coat, haha, I used to use some clear nail varnish I've had for yearrrrs (until it ran out, obv, hence the yellow nail 'mare)
I don't paint my nails enough to warrant investing substantial money on it, like.
Maybe Barry M do one...I've never checked =/
But yeah, stained yellow nails = vom, haha

Razzi said...

I like the colour of your nails! Very summery - forget the shitty weather you can have sunshine on yo hands all day now :D