Thursday, 15 July 2010

murder on ninth avenue.

in which my housemate turns 21 and we celebrate by dressing up, eating fabulous food, adopting dodgy accents and getting rather drunk. it's murder mystery time, bitches.

my dress+jewellery+ sunglasses are all vintage; my shoes might as well be. must find some black new suede pumps.

the usual suspects...
aaron got changed out of his outfit; he got bored of being a woman.
oh, and dean (said birthday boy) was the murderer so of course we had to take an accusatory shot.

i done some cooking:

yeah, that is creme brulee. AND a blow torch. believe.

ALSO, so jealous of cat's hair - big ass bun/top knot thing with glasses clips in it. this is the best picture, if you ignore aaron's face....

an excellent evening all round!


Anonymous said...

Jen you are just awesome!

Catohsawrus! said...

my bun was so good like lol!! :)

Razzi said...

OOF dahhhhlink this looks fookin fabulous!

Bitta creme brulee mmmm tasty

HOT if you will