Friday, 2 July 2010


now THIS is a lazing about the house outfit.
hangovers involve jeans; not leaving the house but spending the day DIYing, making chocolate mousse and watching come dine with me mean stripes galore. apparently.

thrifted top//H&M skirt+necklace//henry holland tights

i love that top, but every time i wear it, it attracts stains. usually of the food variety. pasta sauce, gravy, coffee....

anyways, during my lazy day i also encountered the
cosmopolitan blog awards. this isn't a shameless request for votes, but if you're a fan of blogs in general, it's a great opportunity to get your favourites heard. fashion and style is just one of the categories and you can vote as many times as you like (the other categories being: sex and relationships, beauty, e-tailer, lifestyle, gadget tech, news and current affairs, celebrity and the "new fashion blogger" award for blogs under 6 months old.)
i haven't decided quite who to vote for for the fashion-y ones, but i did vote in sex and relationships, as that's what one of my new favourite blogs falls under: men i wish i hadn't slept with
until now i didn't have the right place to plug it, but go read it. hilarious.

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Kwany said...

Your shoulders only come up to the handles?!!