Thursday, 1 July 2010

blue and grey.

the latest in inappropriate-for-this-weather dressing.

primark parka//thrifted jumper+shirt+skirt//asos shoes//topshop socks//H&M+thrifted necklaces//H&M+primark+ebay rings

in my defence, it was cloudy and a little bit rain-threatening when i got dressed on tuesday. my parka is the only thing i own with a hood, and i was going into town on my bike...

needless to say the parka was swiftly stuffed in the bag and i proceeded to sweat profusely. niiiiice.

collar buttoned up to the neck - if you were in any doubt about my love for Elaine Benes (of Seinfeld/my sidebar fame), here is the proof. i never - NEVER - button up all the way. oh, Elaine. believe.

oh yeah, curly hair.
it's not long enough to get the awesome curls i had pre-blog, around january last year... sadface. but it is the first time it's been curly and red. so there's that.

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