Tuesday, 20 July 2010

part II; beehives and concealer.

following on from yesterday's post, i wore this for oh-so-exciting trips to asda. having not found the perfect checked shirt* yet, my somewhat dishevelled pyjama top had to make do. believe.

H&M necklace//Topshop trousers//thrifted bag+pyjama top//Mam's shoes

i swore off pointy toed shoes, and kitten heels, a number of years ago.
but a combo of a) only having pumps which didn't suit the trousers or 5 inch heels with me, and b) mam's feet being a bit dodgy right now resulting in her poor heels going unworn, meant i reconsidered.
turns out i love them and wore them today as well.
wonder if she'll notice they're missing?

the bag is from a charity shop when i was looking for 4th-year-research books last week. fell in love INSTANTLY. £3 for a slouchy leather number reminiscent of AWang with gold accents? yesyesyes. if i can find flat bottomed studs for a decent price in that same gold, the bottom of the bag is getting well and truly "wanged".

as for the concealer of the title:

my touché eclat ran out and Ana said i could have this cos it was too light for her. benefit itstick - it's like a crayon, and while i need a big sharpener for it now, it is actually brilliant. couldn't recommend it enough.

this popped into my inbox this morning - part of an Outnet newsletter - but i loved the silhouette/closeup effect. might inspire some sketchbook-ery.

go see Toy Story 3. it's brilliant. then come back and discuss the genius of Buzz in spanish mode with me.


*much like the denim shirt fad, i wasn't into checked shirts when everyone else was. but i found the perfect denim shirt in a charity shop, and now it's never off my back. so there you go.

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