Monday, 19 July 2010

beehives and eyeliner.

i adore vogue italia something rotten - my favourite vogue. oh yes.
so vogue beauty done a somewhat NSFW (before you scroll down, yknow) shoot involving 60s-tastic beehives and makeup which i am pretty enamoured with.

fyi, Ana does a mean beehive, as you can see on pics from last monday. watching her put it in was like watching some sort of performance art.

Dioni Tabbers by Ellen von Unwerth; Vogue Italia, July 2010

the few clothes add to the effect (leopard print! sheer!) but the OTT beehives and eyeliner flicks are the stars of the shoot, non?


A La Mode said...

Oh wow! The third image is truly eye popping!

Rach said...

really want a beehive now, words I never thought I would say

minnja said...

I LOVE the images :))