Thursday, 22 July 2010

adventures in repurposing.

back to blogging.
went to leeds yesterday for to see regina spektor with daniel.
twatted about in a bar and had a beer beforehand, aka wrapped my necklace around my person in different ways.

despite significant manface in the last pic, i'm a fan of that style. note to self: more messing.
daniel did similar with his denim shirt (and my necklace, because it was gaga-tastic)

"look, it's a muff!"

oh, here are some gigpics (all a little blurry and samey, we were far back and it was dark):

leeds academy is a nice venue. long train back though (we got a later one so we didn't have to rush, hello having another beer on the way to the station)...


so on sunday, august 1st there's a big, all encompassing international blog sale occurring. am i selling it to you?
basically loads of blogs from all over will all be selling stuff on the 1st, from 11am, and if you're taking part you should email pearl (see below) and let her know, and every blog taking part will also link all the other blogs taking part. which is exciting, non?
anyways, read all about it (and contact pearl) at
fashion pearls of wisdom, posthaste.

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