Wednesday, 30 June 2010


today, i'm wearing jeans.

as you may be aware, i'm not a jeans person. i own 3 pairs - all skinny; one grey, one dark blue and high waisted, one black. i'm on the hunt for some pale blue ones on ebay, but they've got to be perfect.
but that's beside the point.

the black jeans are my favourite by a mile - they're topshop, and they came with a label that said 'ankle skimmers', or something, which i assume means they're supposed to be considerably shorter then they are. on me, they are the perfect length (although i love when skinny jeans are too long and they crumple up at my ankle).

the thing about me and jeans is how i wear them. i don't mean what i wear them with, although that's part of it. i mean, my "relationship with denim" as it were.
jeans are my lazy outfit. since i pretty much never dress down, jeans are my 'lazing round the house' clothes. they are my jogging bottoms. unless i'm being really lazy and wearing pyjamas all day, jeans are my go to. they look good and they make me feel good, but they require absolutely zero effort.

today, for example, i am hungover. well, not anymore, but i was earlier. and, as such, putting effort into an outfit, or indeed, anything, is a bit of a push. i know i have to leave the house later, so, the black jeans plus a slouchy, stripy jumper is an outfit i'm not ashamed to be seen out in but is also the epitome of 'thrown on'.
course, that suggests that any other outfit is born of a time consuming, labour intensive thought process, but the difference between the two is, at most, some standing about in front of my mirror.
no need for mirrors today.
throw on some shoes - anything black, with any height of heel, or even NONE AT ALL, works particularly well. or a chunky boot. the tan chelsea boots i'm hoping don't get expensive on ebay would be great - and maybe some jewellery and a 'chic' outfit is born.

chic. what a horrible word.

luke is moving out today. ;__;

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mam said...

*sob* Did you give him that massive hug??

Also I rarely wear jeans these days. Perhaps it's a gene thing? *See what I did there? ;)*