Monday, 5 July 2010

bad skin.

bad skin is the bane of my life.
i know i'm not the only person with bad skin at 21, hell, i know i'm not the only fash-un blogger with bad skin, at 21 or otherwise.
but that doesn't make it any less irritating.
(let me say now, this isn't a 'how to not have bad skin!' post. cos i don't know. if i did, then i wouldn't have bad skin, so then there wouldn't be a post. right?)

i have, i think, a good skincare routine.
there's exfoliating, there's toning, there's moisturising. i always take my makeup off...
(ok, almost always. being very drunk is an excuse. and often my skin is better the next day cos the spots have dried out. errr...)

but, no! my bad skin is born (i think) of a dairy intolerance.
which is, apparently, not uncommon.
just fyi, mebs you should give soya a try. if anyone questions you; pretend to be a hipster (conveniently, this also gives you a great reason for taking pictures of yourself in public places.)

course, giving up dairy is great on paper, but giving up chocolate and cheese (in both solid and philadelphia forms) is 99% impossible.
so what to do?

- try harder to give up dairy? (i don't think so.)

- stop picking at them? (another impossibility. some spots must be popped; some scabs must be picked. human nature? also, the threat of scars doesn't bother me, since i have this Lush product, Grease Lightning which is s'posed to dry 'em out, or anti-bacterialise them, or something, but mostly it evens out my skin tone and scars disappear. great, but not very good for deterring picking.)

- find a better foundation/cover up? (doesn't really solve the problem...)

- come to terms with it?

i think, sadly, this is my only option.

sometimes, they all clear up.
and i don't have to wear foundation for a couple of days.
but then they come roaring back, and stick around for weeks.

so, spot-prone commenters - have you any tips and tricks?

*i was going to tag this with 'acne', but the 'acne' tag is, of course, for the label, not the skin condition. teehee.


Anonymous said...

i used to use all sorts on my skin - i'd exfoliate, put spot cream on, moistourise it...i think my problem was that i was doing TOO much to it. i've started just washing my face with dove soap and honestly my skin has never been better. i have oily skin to which i just have to deal with, but my spots are much better and because its really creamy my skin is very soft. i also wash my face in cold water to close the pores. so perhaps try going back to basics and using soap and water?
Love, the wife

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WendyB said...

Best thing I ever did was stop picking and use a benzoyl peroxide wash! But really...not picking is key.