Sunday, 4 July 2010

the amazing world of ebay.

i spend half my life on ebay. it is, currently, both my main source of income AND the place i spend the most money. it's a vicious cycle.

the thing about ebay that i love - other than finding awesome pieces for even more awesome prices - is those things that you just HAVE to click on, even if you have no intention of buying them. i'm talking the batshit crazy/amazing/downright ugly items.
i find such items on such a regular basis that i think a regular weekly column dedicated to the
amazing world of ebay is almost definitely in order.

some notes:
- i will, of course, link each picture to the listing it came from.
- if you happen to buy any of them items - particularly the weird/ugly things - please, for the love of god, take pics of you in said item and send them over. i'd be interested to see if you can make them look amazing.
- if you yourself find something that fits any of the 3 categories above,
email them over posthaste.

and of course...
- if you're the seller and you're not down with me utilising your picture for entertainment purposes, lemme know and i'll take it down.

on to the madness!

this week, ebay invites you to purchase pastel aztec jumpers
(1), perhaps pairing them with purple suede ankle boots (2) - these have been around a few weeks, i think, which probably means no one has bid on them and they've been relisted a couple of times. surely someone wants purple platform boots?

the heels on
these sandals (3) make me happy - high but chunky - so if they weren't a size 3 i might consider them. much like the white platforms (4), which are a size 5 and ending today, but i can't bring myself around to the idea of white sandals.... maybe if they were suede. i don't know. the last of this week's shoe selection is a cross between a loafer and a clog (5)... make of them what you will.

some rather awesome designer pieces on offer for not-too-many-pennies this week too, with issey miyake pleated tops (6) (the seller has 3 on sale all together...), a thierry mugler jacket starting at £50 (7), and a halston gown (8).
then there's also this awesome white vest-suit (9), which i considered but decided it isn't really me.

on my continual quest for awesome-but-not-cheap leopard print, i sometimes come across gems like this dress (10). what i like about it is that it is described as avant-garde, which on ebay is a synonym for "a bit mental". if you like "a bit mental" things, check out the shop it comes from. the leopard prints search is often full on crazy things, but not as many as a search for "hippie" in the vintage section, which is where i found this weeks token batshit crazy piece; a multicoloured, fringed affair (11) from US store Kingston Avenue Vintage, which, if you're looking for awesome and/or mental items, should definitely be amongst your favourite sellers.


Lorena said...

I kind of love the purple suede platforms though I don't think I would wear them...if I saw them at a thrift store for 10 bucks I might buy them. They would probably sit around in my closet untouched and I would constantly try to convince myself to wear them with different outfits only to take them off before heading out the door in the same shoes I always wear.

etoilee8 said...

The Thierry Mugler jacket is a good find!