Wednesday, 2 June 2010

the cult of sex & the city

So I guess it's essentially Sex & The City Week up in here, but I didn't really intend it to be. Just talking over the film with Daniel after we saw it prompted a few questions, not necessarily about the film itself, but about a number of things which can all be related back to the series in general.

And the first thing I noticed upon coming out of the cinema is the following...
You can spot a Sex and the City fan a mile off.

For no other film would a cinema full of women dress up and/or emulate their favourite characters. Hell, for no other film would a cinema full of anyone do that. Except maybe some sort of special Star Wars screening. But even the extreme comic nerds mostly keep it to conventions, right?

I trytrytried to find pictures which really emphasised my point, but good lord do I not know what to search for. "sex and the city fans" provides me with the following...

photos from the Daily Mail and Telegraph websites

See what I mean? Note the corsages; the OTT hats; the cocktail dresses.

I don't mean to put a downer on y'all. I don't mean to discourage anyone from 'dressing up', whether in homage to a beloved character or not. problem, and my confusion, comes from why you would confine this to a one time event? Yes, it's an excuse to wear an ostentatious hat otherwise confined to weddings or a day at the races. Yes, it's an escape from everyday life into the fantasy of the lives of these women - I guess that's why people are actually fans of the movie, as opposed to seeing it as a curious fan of the series. But why do you need that excuse?

OK, confession: this post is almost definitely a thinly veiled attempt to ask the people of Britain, nay, the world, why they need a reason to dress up. I want to know what's wrong with everyday? Other than the confines of the workplace, there is no requirement, no rulebook to dress by.
What I question, really, is the people who claim to be fans of SATC because of the 'wonderful fashion' but who only inject that kind of glamour and personality into outfits once in a blue moon. That individuality so lauded by fans is obviously achievable, but not if those who praise it then actually aspire to look like everyone else; to blend in rather than stand out like out four 'heroines'. Amiright?

I'm not getting on my soapbox and preaching - I too have used both films as outfit inspiration (this time donning my New York Fucking City tee; last time a corsage and heels. But let's face it, both are probably more low-key than most of my outfits), but considering how many of the movie-goers stated the movie was an occasion, an excuse to dress up and have fun with their friends, I ask, simply - why need an occasion?

That's all this comes down to: why, why, why.

By the by, the Telegraph article the above pic is from is an amusing read, even if it is from the release of the first film.
And of course; if you're interested my review is below, or here.

I just read this on Wikipedia: "Michael Patrick King has confirmed in interviews that a third instalment is in development as well as a possible fourth to end the series for good."

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oh god augh what oh man jeez argh oh god why what HOW please NO. A THIRD AND FOURTH?