Saturday, 19 June 2010

sea within a sea.

mm, Horrors title.
which is kind of approps, since this graduate collection could almost be the get-up of a lady-Horror. maybe. if the Horrors were from the 90s. maybe.

given my 'wooo the 90s!*' stance right now, and also the thoughts of 'argh i'll be a graduate this time next year wtfffff' and 'oh god i have to do a collection, i should really be doing my sketchbooks right now' that pop up on a daily basis, any graduate collection which includes 90s influences appeals instantly.
well, i'm automatically interested in any graduate collection, just to see what i've got to live up to, but ones I love are even better, if more intimidating.
this is all a roundabout way of saying, "hey, check out Westminster graduate
Hannah Sea's collection, dude."

woah, back up now - sheer, fuzzy, awesome proportions, great details (button up centre back on a skirt, yessum), check prints that are tartans, but not quite. smoky tartans? idk. the boots and bags are awesome too:

if you've been reading this blog for a while (and I know a bunch of y'all haven't - hey new followers, btw, I just hit 60 ^_^), you'll know how big a fan of fash illustrations I am, which is why I love graduate 'season' so much - LOTS of grad collections find their way to the internet/blogs with their portfolio images attached. it just so happens that Hannah's are wonderful:

pic-a-tures from style bubble


*woo to anything 90s, really. i was gonna say grunge but it's not that limited. also woo the 70s and woo 80s punk/goth styles, too. some sort of mix of the three. idk.


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