Sunday, 20 June 2010

it's like learning a new language.

I don't know what, exactly, is like learning a new language.
I doubt Paul Banks knows either.
he does have a habit of writing random lyrics.
maybe he means outfit posts?

part grunge, part country gent. it's funny what a tweed jacket and a scarf with pheasants on it will do for an outfit.

ancient H&M jacket+vest+necklace//thrifted mesh jumper//AA dress as skirt
//Henry Holland tights//New Look shoes//vintage scarf I stole off Aaron

clearly a highly approps outfit for Ikea shopping in. we were the tweed army. well, me and Luke both had tweed jackets on, and Josh's jumper was a similar colour so....

anyways, I got a new desk. and I am sitting at it AS WE SPEAK.
and then I had to make space for it so I got rid of one of my drawer sets, so a whole bunch of random crap got thrown out.
goodbye old scraps of fabric/random museum leaflets/old body moisturisers I haven't ever and don't plan on ever using. why is it you end up with so many tubs of moisturiser? I don't think I've ever bought it, cos I always end up with about 50 tubs when birthdays and christmases come round.

mebs I'll show you the desk sometime, but until then you should do some voting


L said...

Love this look!

frances said...

i love this! i just bought a similar meshy piece from a charity shop but mine's a vest x

PS you look super skinny inagoodway

Nishant said...

i Love this look!!!!!!
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