Monday, 21 June 2010

pink et green.

I've seen a few people trying out gem fatale's leopard nails of late. as much as I lovelovelove leopard print - much more than is appropriate - leopard nails are a bit fussy for my nail tastes. that said, I thought mebs I'd try some stuff out...

so...pale pink with moss green tips.
love this colour combo quite a lot. 3 layers of the pale pink, then the green tips, then another layer of pink. the pink is really pale but 4 layers has made it really stand out.
miraculously every nail is still in tact after I took my bike wheel off, changed the inner tube, and put it back on today, too.

I was gonna do thin stripes but that would take much more patience than I could muster, so tips are about as far as I'm going. a take on the classic french manicure ( what I would say if this were a press release)

you can see my new desk, a bit.

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