Tuesday, 1 June 2010

...in which I rant

Hey, Sex and the City 2, I'm gonna give you a compliment sandwich. I'll start with something good, then something you need to improve on, then end with something good.*

Actually, lies. I'm gonna start by shouting WTF in your face and having a little rant, then mebs talk about, y'know, what was alright; what kinda redeemed you and made me not resent shelling out six quid, and then I'll finish by spazzing out over a completely unrelated but DEFINITELY NEWSWORTHY topic.
And if you haven't seen the film and don't want to be spoiled/swayed, look away now.

So, it's not often (i.e. never) that I do a film review of any sort, but SATC(2 or otherwise) is something of a "fashion" "phenomenon", and as such, relevant to my interests.

To begin; a backstory: I am a MASSIVE fan of the TV series - have watched every episode many a-time; can quote the series at will; have the ability to come 3rd out of 18 teams and win 2 bottles of wine in a quiz based entirely on the show, despite being the youngest team. Including 10/10 for the final round. Beat that.
I was what, 10(?), when it started, and was gonna say "so I clearly didn't watch it on TV the first time round", but I totally did. At least from, probably, season 4 onwards. Hey, pretty liberal upbringing! (hey Mam. Thanks and that.**)
My point being, this is a show I grew up with. Not necessarily "this is a show/these are characters I aspire to be like when I grow up", because I don't see any one of them as a role model, but I saw aspects of what I'd like my life to be.... I'm sure anyone who knows me can testify to this.
Fiercely independent, knowing who you are and what you want, and not settling for second best, valuing friendships above all... All qualities I'd like to think I, too, have.
Course, the quirkiness, and the shoes, and the style, and the city (ahhhh, NYC.) all played a big part.

The first movie disappointed me a little, though I'm not sure why.
It still had every element that I loved, though now a little more fantasy and spectacle. It was less "real". I could accept Carrie's expensive shoe habit in the series; because the rest of her look could be vintage, or otherwise affordable. And yes, as the series progressed the outfits got more expensive; the real-ness got lost a little, but it was still entertaining and fun and you cared about the girls and their problems. Right?***

But this?
What happened?

- Anthony and Stanford hated each other. HATED. The only hint of a relationship we had until this point was a brief smooch at New Year in the first film. And now the most ostentatious wedding EVER complete with Liza singing Single Ladies? (CRINGE.)
- Patricia, Patricia, Patricia. I love you, I do. I've been you your NYC store; I've bought stuff; I admire your styling (and there's praise to be had here, too, so do bear with me.) - but some of your outfit choices this time round are beyond questionable, and in no way approps.

This is the desert. I am a heels girl; make no doubt. But there is a time and a place for flats and if sand-based areas aren't it, I don't know what is. Also; yknow, these outfits are all pretty fug.

- There were so many absolute cringe moments. Karaoke? Really?

(Although, OK, this was a scene where I could get behind the styling.)
So not YOU, though, girls. Which brings me to...

- It was just...off. I could make a hundred little niggles and complaints, but it all boils down to this: it didn't even feel like the same characters.
As a stand-alone film, it was perfectly enjoyable. Not something I'd buy on DVD, or profess my love for, but a 'popcorn film', sure.
But as a continuation of a TV show which 'broke boundaries' and portrayed "the modern woman" so well; a show which millions of people watched, invested in and identified with; it was horrendous. Sorry; but it's true.
Even the comedy changed from sharp, quick and witty, to slapstick, farce, lowest-common-denominator schtick.
These aren't the same people. They're caricatures of them. They're a parody of themselves.

IMO, they series itself ended perfectly. I didn't need to know what happened to the girls 2 years down the line, or 2 years after that. I have no problems with the first film, but it wasn't necessary. This one definitely wasn't. Especially since nothing actually happened. There was no real plot.

This is turning into quite the rant, so I'll do a quick "hey gurrrls I like yur threads" round up. Course there was inappropriateness (pretty sure it'd be a little hot in Abu Dhabi for Carrie's get-up down the bottom there), but if you've been reading Ventures for a while you'll be aware that dressing inappropriately for certain activities/weather types is kinda my forte, so I can't really complain.
Pot, kettle, black, etc.

A gorgeous shade on Miranda. And nude heels. Much love.
And a lace corset affair on Charlotte - this outfit was both so her and so unexpected at the same time.

Carrie donning a belt as a necklace; something I'm very into.
OK, confession, loved the Tim Gunn cameo in that scene. Me and Daniel grinned at each other. I love me some Tim.
Miranda looking stunning in that studded number. Miranda's style = pretty fly this movie, actually.

The inapprops Carrie outfit. I'm a sucker for an asymmetric, full skirt; what can I say?

all images off of Yahoo Movies.

And now, for the promised unrelated note. Take a deep breath.



* to paraphrase Stewie Griffin.

**no, but really. And to those readers/commenters who have asked if it's really my mam who leaves the occasional comment on this here bloggyblog and who @'s me on twitter - yes. yes it is. it's a blessing and a curse. LAVOO.

***FYI, the earlier seasons are my favourites...

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Mam said...

I understand the last bit with this ** sweetheart. I do. I like that you know you've had a fairly liberal upbringing (Game On, Men Behaving Badly - when newly shown, and perving over Matthew Mark1, also being the two late into the cinema in Durham to watch Ali G IndaHouse when you were...12?)

And you most deffo ARE that fiercely independent etc etc that you quoted above. And this makes me proud that you are indeed my darling daughter.

Just wish you'd text/phone me more, is all.


Sleepy Darlings said...

thank you for pin pointing exactly what changed, something i have been unable to identify. they are absolutely caricatures of themselves. it almost seems as if its painful for them to do an honest job acting like their characters who are now written to sound like a pile of tools.

frances said...

blech. was it just me or was the whole script stitched together from a series of one-liners?
also agreed i heart T.Gunn.
But seriously guys TOO glam TOO much of the time. Good write-up. x

PS charlotte and miranda's desert outfits are dire.
PPS I almost found the bit where the 'repressed women' reveal their couture to be offensively stupid.

jenn said...

oh, agree on the PPS point, one of the hundred little niggles and complaints... so unnecessary and offensive.