Saturday, 15 May 2010

variations on a theme

H&M jacket+tights+necklace//thrifted crop jumper//random black mini//topshop boutique skirt//shoes from garage shoes//topshop ring

I have loads to post about (vintage fashion show last night included), but I cba right now, so later, yeah? Here's a quick outfit post, of an outfit which is even more unsuitable than yesterday's post for bike riding, but will win you a free/awesome skirt for being so damn fabulous.

And YEAH I'm rocking a bouffant-y beehive affair with 2 braids on either side (which, admittedly, looked a lot better at 11am then it did at about 9pm when I finally got round to taking this pic before going out to the gay scene with Daniel, where we proceeded to dance to Gaga a ridiculous amount of times and incorporated this into our repertoire of sweet moves).

that ol' Topshop thing is, like, totally closed now. Shall get round to picking a winner posthaste. Big thanks to everyone who entered!

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