Saturday, 15 May 2010

show business

Mate; warning:

Mentioned a vintage fashion show yesterday, yeah? I definitely should've mentioned it earlier, as the turn out was a little...slow? But given the presence a) free cake, b) prizes for well dressed types, c) people I vaguely know from uni and d) err, a fashion show, I was gonna stay put.

So, the venue was pretty cool.
Yeah, someones back yard roof terrace, but also stark and fashion-y and with music blaring and a makeshift backstage area...

As for the clothes?
(As for the shots; yay for 12 megapixel camera, but I don't think I'll be undertaking a career in runway photography any time soon.)

The second half was better styled, IMO. There was menswear, yeah, but I'm not so interested in that side, yknow? I was looking to buy, not review. The second to last pic, you can see Dan off of first year a.k.a. the someone I vaguely know.

If the point of a catwalk show is to sell the clothes (and really, other than spectacle, what is the point of a catwalk show?), then success was to be had. But guys, GUYS, promote better. Please. I feel for you. I believe everyone involved was from Northumbria, but no posters in the design building? I'm sure loads of people would've come.
Also, a big hey to models, anyone asked to model ever, etc: leave a pause. Leave a pose at the end of any runway. Gives time for photos, and a better view of the outfit, and that's what you're there for. Sheesh.

I'm getting a little critical.
It was a great time.
I had cake. I met Rachel from Polka Dot Stripes (who bought the outfit in photo 5). I...err..won a best dressed prize (a free item of my choice! woohoo! I chose the skirt in photo 8, btw, which I would include here but methinks that's another post. Also bought the corset top in photo 7 and the jacket in photo 3...And SERIOUSLY wanted the CKane for Topshop body in that second to last photo but methinks the model nabbed it first. Gah.)

After all this, I have another show on Tuesday - this time the Northumbria graduate show (12pm showing after a Monday night out, great!) which I will hopefully be taking COPIOUS amounts of photos of; especially my 4th years. Mostly cos I did loads of work for then. Well, for one of them.

And tonight, continuing the showbiz theme, I'm off to see The Futureheads (for free, yeah) and it's being filmed for some Channel 4 (one assumes T4) type show/series. Doin' it for The Fame.

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Rachel said...

where are you seeing the futureheads?! my sister got some okish shots of the first half if you fancy a pinch (they include the amazing jumper)
last night was quite fun!

Anonymous said...

I was going to come to this but had to power nap instead because of being so worn out from deadlines!
I'm working front of house at the Northumbria show so I'll see you there :)
L x

frances said...

if there's another one i'll be there! love the setting. x