Friday, 14 May 2010

snap snap

So my camera broke (what's new?). This one held up 6 months. Proud.
The screen cracked, and so I had to trundle all the way to the nearest PC World (MILES. OUT.) and managed to get a better camera than my old one but that cost less.
Do these look better quality to you?

custom leather jacket//H&M tee//Topshop leggings+Boutique skirt+ring//New Look boots//Primark socks//ebayed necklace

So yeah, I got this Topshop Boutique skirt on ebay (coincidently, that link will take you to a bunch of stuff I am hawking in order to make money/buy more shoes) and it came yesterday morning and I fell IN ACTUAL LOVE. I have to hitch it right up in order to cycle, but whatevs.

Oh, and here's a lil close up of the other nail colour; nude and such. I should have macro'd this. Meh.

It's only a lil' darker than my skin colour; took 2 coats; yaddayadda. Go win some TS makeup stuff in my
giveaway, ye have....13 hours and 15 mins left to enter. THE WORD. SPREAD IT.

And as for you NorthEastern fashion folk: tonight, 7pm, Grainger Street - vintage fashion show. A few bloggers are going down, I believe, but no one I have actually met/know IRL so if one of my actual friends who what is reading this wants to come, lemme know. (Otherwise, me and my 12mp camera will see yer there!)

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mam said...

GROAN re the camera, but YAYY that you got a replacement! Hope tonight is fun. Lavoo, Mam xx


good looking jacket. custom made? cool.