Wednesday, 26 May 2010

northumbria 2010; part two - knit one, pearl one

Alright, alright, I got around to it, simmer down.
There's usually only a couple of knitwear folks in every year (we have 2? 3? Not many.) but this year there were 9 graduating knit kids and the standard of their work set the bar pretty high.
Lots of soft shades and slouchy shapes, and lots of pieces that I felt I could've picked off the models, put on, and wandered off. So easy to wear yet 'different'. Yeah?

I don't have a lot to say on these, so just....enjoy the pics. They speak for themselves, non?

Rachael Hewson

Rebecca Morgan

Great shoe customising here: I think she knitted 'boot covers' to accompany the clothes; you can see below...

Jemma Page

The blue dress (look 3) was absolutely stunning; pretty sure I gasped when it came round the corner. It falls in such a stunning way, and the colour and weave/gauge of the knit were perfect.

Lois Burn

Another pitch-perfect collection in terms of shape and colour. So now.

Jane Robertson

Some great shapes here which you can't really see because; and I can't stress this enough, graduates*; black doesn't photog well!

*like, sure, profesh cameras and such; black is just fine if you're a designer whose going to get profesh coverage. But if you're doing anything where it's likely there will be amateur photography but also press opportunity - bloggers and such - you really need to consider how well it can be photographed.

Tunmike Lanade

Rosie Sugden

Knitted lingerie! Fabulous.

Ledina Zhang

This was the closest to the 'typical student knitwear', which is often a little brash and bright, and unsophisticated. That sounds like I'm trashing it, but my no. It's the closest merely because it's using such bright dashes of pink, yellow and purple, but they're only flashes and the styling and shades of grey (HEY IT'S A NEUTRAL WHICH IS TOTALLY EASY TO SEE!) tone it down and make it wearable and 'chic' (I hate that word.) but keep the fun knitwear is oft associated with.

Sophie Smith

An air of Mark Fast in the second look, with the body contouring lines; but what stands out here is the sheer knit (!!), which works to great effect in the body when mixed with the burgundy shade...

Also, Yasi off of this post has made it to GFW, so if you'll happen upon the Northumbria show (I might be going, we'll see, we'll see.) watch out for my her handiwork! Guess it means I'll be off into uni to help out sometime this week...

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Sleepy Darlings said...

wow, these are absolutely amazing! im sure in person they are even better