Sunday, 30 May 2010

northumbria 2010; part six - it's all in the details

Last one!
Awesome details; accessories; bits and pieces; gaga-tastic collections....

Amy Hutchinson

OK, so, I only took a couple of photos of this one (I think it was in the part where my camera memory got full so I was speed-deleting as many as possible), but FOAMY SQUARE THINGS. It is all in the details; check out the customised shoes and bag...

Kate Rostron
Bejewelled motorcycle helmets, spiky shoes, flouncy shapes; ouioui?

Cindy Poon
Lace face masks....hmm.
Black and brown and lace and frills and panels and stuff.

Julie Perry

I did mention, ages ago (months infact), one of the 4th years using meccano - this would be her. While it was quite the spectacle, and of course, very interesting; the foundation pieces themselves are a little flat, IMO...
The third look; with less meccano; is more of a fully formed look, and interesting, where the first two are like "yeah, interesting" but the pieces themselves are a bit done.

Emma Tang

Emma had THE BEST accessories, although the ones I saw her make which I loved didn't end up walking down the catwalk, which is sad - they were clear plastic thigh high 'stripper' boots, with a clear platform and heel, which she cut down to ankle boots and attached jewels to, like the plastic goggles in the 3rd pic...which you can't really see but whatever. Gold nuts and bolts and purple and green beads. Lots of perspex and lots of pieces of jewellery/customised science goggles/etc.
Seriously though, Emma, if you read this and those shoes are a size 5...yknow. Or at least lemme know where you got the boots in the first place!
The clothes themselves, I wasn't a big fan of, but I did love the jewel tones. It's flower-esque embellishments on the furry cape that turned me off, but there was plenty of interest (There's a cute jewel-toned playsuit under said cape that you can't see, which is sad, but I believe the styling was switched up later in the day so it could be seen; cos it was the most 'worked' piece with lots of interesting details on it...)

Kathryn Pearon

I have no idea how she made the structured, textured pieces (looks like lots of ribbon all tied and stitched together? idk.), but they were SO interesting, and such a nice colour palette; if again a little 'spectacle' as opposed to 'saleable'. My mission for next year is to tread that line perfectly....good luck with that, jenn.

Linda Syo-kau Mutunga

Although, saying that, this one does pretty well - the wicker baskets/hats give 'editorial' interest, but the clothes themselves - espesh the third look - are wearable and cool, with a Vivienne Westwood kinda feel/twist. Interesting colour palette, too. Muted but colourful...

Hannah Casen Seawright
The next two were among my favourites - Here, Hannah's has a cool colour palette, Miu Miu-esque heel shapes, a country feel (hey tweed!), interesting details (can you see the fabric buttons on the trousers? Cute. And the first jumper with an open back!) AND cute accessories. Love the little square bag/case in the first look.

Amelia Chester

Leather accents. Florals that aren't too girly. Muted but varied colour palette. Sheer. Shearling. Layers. Headscarves. Great styling.

Accessories and details?

Oh my, yes.

Can we talk about the hair?

Hey hair; please grow. I want to do side-plaits and top knots.

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You can buy hair pieces...for inbetween...

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Amilia Chester I will take one of each!

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