Saturday, 3 April 2010

prey tell

I've written about God's Prey, or at least their menswear, before, but their AW womenswear popped up recently and it's pretty awesome (and I must learn their lighting techniques! Look, you can see the black and everything!).

Some simple, wearable, yet interesting pieces here - loving the cape/coat and the draped dress, as well as the T-dress near the bottom. Not always a fan of the high neck, but that gives it an edge, non?

Slouchy levels = excellent, also.

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Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

Good one indeed! I subscribe to the excellence of slouchy levels, and the strong shoulders jacket really is a must have. xx

jenn said...

oo i agree - they're big, but it's out instead of up; so cool!

frances said...

ahhh the hood on that topshop number looks amazing! i have a self imposed topshop ban though... i do not shop there as it is against my principles and economic wellbeing and stuff. I might break that boycott for this hoody. hmmm. a non-zip up one would be ideal-er and i might be able to find a not topshop one. x

PS but that one is PRETTY x