Wednesday, 7 April 2010

how the other half dresses: sparkle, sparkle

Saturday night (am aware it's now Wednesday; what of it?), we rolled to the Other Rooms to see Robots in Disguise, then theCut. We also had 2 takeaways over the course of the night, but we'll keep that on the downlow.

The theme was, of course, sequins.
And I did, in fact, buy a sequin pillbox hat for occasion, which was to be borrowed by Ana, but she decided against it.
Like a fool. LIKE A FOOL!
(I was gonna wear it on Easter Monday to the family gathering, and forgot, also. Sequin pill-box hat fail ALL AROUND.)

As usze, head on over to ana's blog for her deets.

thrifted sequin dress+sheer blouse+cross necklace//ebayed pinstripe jacket//H&M necklaces+bangles//Topshop ring//Matalan (!) shoes

...and sunglasses I found behind the microwave.
I didn't wear these out; not THAT much of a twat. And yeah; behind the microwave. Did a massive tidy up on Saturday. Mmmmm procrastination.

Close up of bangles and nails and such. First time I painted my nails in MONTHS. And I removed the half moons with a cotton bud and some nail varnish remover; mixing it up a bit....

And there's some Ana looking coy//looking like a twat for you. Brilliant!

LOST. AMAZING. Best sideways flash EVER.

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1 comment:

frances said...

er HI, this is hot shit. I find it ver strange that I've never seeen you in theCut. x