Monday, 12 April 2010

how the other half dresses: 80s-tastic

Hey! It's another (AND THE FINAL D:) 'other half..' installment...
Ana has gone back to Lincoln. I haven't sent her these pics yet, but she'll probs get them in a bit and post on it.

We chose 'bad/brilliant 80s jackets' as our theme, because Daniel bought this AMAZING (but also vile) leather jacket last week, which has this lining with maps on it. So he joined it, and wore the jacket inside out.
And then Ana found a houndstooth jacket at a charity shop.
And then I was like 'oh god, which jacket do I own that's 80s enough!', and this was pretty much the only one I could've worn.

vintage jacket+bag//ancient topshop skirt//H&M tshirt+necklaces//+various necklaces//new look shoes

AND THEN I found the houndstooth shoes, and so the theme morphed into 80s jackets + houndstooth, which is pretty 80s anyway, so I guess it's just an 80s theme. Yeah.
This is like, the most dressed down I've been in forever. Even during the day. Ridiculous!

Ana, in black and houndstooth//Daniel's amazing jacket.

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Chest Cinema said...

the jacket from the last photos is sooo cool

but then there is this mostly common situation:
CC: where did you get that from?
Answer 1: oh its vintage
(impossible to get)
Answer 2: oh i bought it in ...
(sadly we can't travel quickly around
around the world)
Answer 3: i was drunk and stole it of karl
(well, the same)

good for you!
very nice blog

Mam said...

You may have dressed down but you still look amAZing!!! :D:D

Lavoo xxxx

Anonymous said...

i always wank over your pics!!! too hot