Thursday, 18 March 2010

on the ol' joanna

Joanna Vanderpuije doesn't have a website. Hey, young designers, you gotta give up the info sometimes, yeah?
I'll let it slide, though, because her designs kinda speak for themselves.
A Central St Martins graduate (of both the BA and MA courses!), Joanna has worked for McQueen, Jonathon Saunders and Diane von Furstenburg, and works with prints and, in this collection (SS10), awesome embellishments.

Below: perspex embellishments on cotton; and again on a suede shift. Screen printed dress over a double layered chiffon skirt (LOVE); and the screen print on a jacket, teamed with a leather bra. Then some NUDE MAXIS; YEAH BOIII. One with net insert; one in pleated chiffon (and then styled with a leather cut out skirt over it; major love.)

So yeah, she's pretty awesome, if hard to find info on. Course this means I have no stockist info either....

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting out...funding blogspot will have to do...Christopher Kane doesn't have a website...think of it as exclusivity for now...all in due time.