Wednesday, 17 March 2010

all done

Err, so yeah, this is my final, proper garment from my '"Ultimate Piece" project. We're not designing two collections based on this piece: one capsule collection, and one capsule sportswear collection. I might post up some sketches (if you're interested?) but we're not making anything else this year. O_o.
If you're my friend on facebook, you can (I assume) see pictures of me doing my crit, and some pictures of my whole class and their pieces too at Harriet's
facebook photo album, which is, of course, heavy on Harriet's work!

These were all taken just before my crit. Cos they decided it was time for a coffee break when I was ready...

...clearly Kate wasn't ready for some of these photos either! (SORRYLOVEOO!)

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1 comment:

GemmmmARGH said...

Dude, I want you to make my wedding dress :D