Monday, 1 February 2010


This is a pretty old outfit shot....and by pretty old, I mean, like, I wore this last Wednesday.
Bailey said I looked pretty preppy when I rolled into uni, which I guess is approps given that I'm wearing the king of prep, Ralph Lauren. (Well, RL Polo. Also Versace Jeans. Excellent charity shop finds.)

Ralph Lauren Polo shirt/Versace Jeans skirt/Primark socks/
ASOS boots/H&M necklaces/singlets off of John Lewis, worn to keep said socks up

The singlets* were the reason I posted this, since the world (and by the world I mean Style Bubble and Bitching&Junkfood, both linked on the right) are going crazy for sock garters right now and I thought this was a pretty good alternative - I mean, a sock garter is more than one band so it's gonna cut my already short legs up and make them look about 3 inches long, so I don't think they're for me, but the singlet is just going around the top of the sock so I think I might be able to get away with it, right? Right??

Short legged ladies, join me in this. I suppose I wear harems without a second though, so mebs I should stop caring if my legs look short. They are short. Deal.


*thanks mam for telling me what they're called; I couldn't remember.


Helena said...

Ah the inappropriate boots for hiking in snow. Liking a lot.

H __ mate of Mum... xx

mam said...

Aren't they fab, H!! They are called singlets babz x

jenn said...

i know, thats what i put!

Kristen said...

Love those sock garter alternatives!