Friday, 26 February 2010


We'll get over the fur issue before we start - the argument comes up every A/W collection time and I pure CBA to go over it now. It's irrelevant.

What is relevant is design, and Todd Lynn's collection included some excellently designed fur. See the first look below for evidence - cropped and strong shouldered, worn over a leather jacket. I can't tell if it's a jacket in itself or part of the leathuurrrr, though.

Also loved the shape of the coats as in look 2 (there were a couple following this pattern) - the funnel neck, short, wide sleeved coat is interesting, non?
Also the rib-like coat, which came together into a woven section at the back - BIG fan. Oo, oo, and the little rib-like leather shoulders in look 5 - separate to the coat? - are also made of awesome...

I'm a fan of the boots, too. Surprise, surprise.

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