Saturday, 27 February 2010

the jean genie

Jeans are pretty tricky.
Well to me they are...
They're a staple of 99% of people's wardrobes, but the 3 pairs that take up residence in my wardrobe rarely see the light of day.

This, I have decided, is because I see jeans and associate them with lazy dressing. Uninspired. Boring.
There are, of course, those who pull off jeans and a tee with a air of amazing amounts of cool; but not me.

Although, note, I think this is a girl-only phenomenon - guys have less to work with in terms of options, so they pretty much HAVE to make jeans work for them.

Anyways, what follows is me attempting to look good/not lazy/inspiring/not normal in my jeans. Enjoy.

The grey jeans
peacocks; very olllld

vintage fur coat//thrifted vest//DIY white vest//Mango beaded top//H&M necklace//Topshop shoes

The black jeans
My favourites; and the best fitting. Heyyyyy Topshop.

topshop floral vest//thrifted peach blouse+shoulder cape//select shoes//vintage fur tail, portobello market//blazer; ebay

The blue jeans
High waisted; ebay

This outfit gone down a right storm on chictopia...
shoes&necklace; topshop//top; asos//jacket; vintage

So, my personal rules for jean wearing?
Wear heels.
Add a bunch of accessories and accoutrements.
And if all else fails, go red white and blue. It's a classic combination.

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Ana said...

loving it, wife! respect for anyone who can work jeans, i have no pairs whatsoever! xxxx

mam said...

I remember the grey ones! I've pretty much stopped wearing mine too, even wear pencil skirts for work these days :O